Friday, August 28, 2020

Iowa Derecho 2020

Monday August 10, 2020 was a day of devastation in Iowa. A line of thunderstorms produced straight line winds that exceeded 100 mph.  This storm tore across the center of Iowa from West to East and destroyed crops, homes and businesses!  The worst of the devastation in our immediate area was just 10 miles north of our acreage in Grinnell.  The town lost many trees, several businesses lost roofs, a few were totally destroyed and numerous homes received significant damage. Amazingly there were only 3 reported deaths in Iowa. Sadly two were in our very own Poweshiek County.  Unlike tornados which are somewhat common in Iowa and last a few minutes, this storm raged over our home for an hour and we are truly amazed that we only lost a few trees and had no damage to our house or buildings!

Power was out at my home for only 3 days, but friends in Grinnell suffered thru August heat with no power for two weeks!  Thankfully our community is strong and neighbor helped neighbor in this difficult time.  #IOWANICE

What the heck, 2020 ... first a pandemic and now a derecho!

~ Connie