Friday, October 11, 2019

Playing it loose ...

Sitting around recovering from my broken leg has certainly given me more hours to work on the lessons for my style and fashion class!  I have shared a couple of easy fashion tips in previous blog posts and I thought it was about time that I featured another one.  The change of seasons is usually a good excuse to go thru my closet and take stock of what I have hidden in there that I have not worn in a while.  I like this idea of shopping my own closet and coming up with a new outfit or two!  So if you are doing the same at your house, keep this latest style tip in mind.

Style Tip # 3

Fashion proportion is key!  (In other words, pair loose & flowing with tight)
Very few people on earth can pull off head to toe baggy or top to bottom form fitting.  So take a cue here and team your flowing tops and sweaters with something body conscious on the bottom.  Or the opposite with a very form fitting top and a loose and full skirt!  No matter your shape or size this is a basic fashion principal that can work for all.

Above are all great examples of loose or flowing on the top paired with something slim on the bottom.
(Think skinny jeans, pencil skirts and leggings)

Just as these close fitting tops are the perfect go to with these full and flowing skirts.
(This dress also shows this principal in it's wonderful styling!)

I am sure there are some new combinations lurking in the clothes you already go have some fun and put this style tip into action today!


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