Friday, January 8, 2021

When style fell out of the minivan...

When chatting with a girlfriend last year, I shared that I felt like my fashion style had fallen out of the mini van and been lost along the roadside during my years of motherhood! 😂 And now that the nest was for the most part empty -- I really wanted my STYLE back!!  (And hey there is plenty of room in the nest for it now!😏)

Unfortunately, I was not feeling my over 50, mother of 4 body was exactly high fashion material.  Yet I began my search to rediscover myself and my fashion sense.  The internet can be both a great resource and also an evil promoter of ridiculous feminine stereotypes.  So in my quest for information on how to determine my own style and shop smarter ...I discovered some great tips and some crazy overpriced online "style" classes!  I thought I'd occasionally write about some of my findings here to help any other women out there who maybe feel a little bit lost like myself.

It's crazy to discover how tied up our fashion sense is with our self esteem and body image!

I feel like this process in my life has been so helpful in discovering what helps me feel pretty, confident, and authentically me!  After all, this is our life's not a dress rehearsal and we won't get a "do over" here on this planet.  COVID should make us appreciate that!  So I won't get those years back that I spent worrying that I wasn't skinny enough, or curvy enough or didn't have the money to spend on expensive trendy fashion.

Now, I have given myself permission to wear bight red lipstick if I want ... and matching red Converse shoes with confidence! (or maybe those leopard print flats!) 😉  So if you would like to join me on this STYLISH journey, check back occasionally for new inspiration and ideas.

Learn which style silhouettes and accessories flatter most every body type and age.  Learn what 3 things to consider to make all your outfits "remarkable".  And learn how to coordinate colors, prints and patterns to flatter your own personal coloring and style preferences.  These lessons and tips have really helped me create more stylish and pulled together outfits and I want to share these ideas with you. I hope you find your own personal style tastes and discover the joy and self confidence it builds when you feel "remarkably" fashionable!  And we will discover a lot of it already hiding in clothes you already own!


The V neckline is the most flattering on most women!  No matter your size, the V neck tends to make everyone look taller and slimmer.  Even adding a long pendant necklace can visually create a V line on a dress or top without the actual V neckline.  So consider this tip every time you get dressed!  Have you got a V shape on top??!


Let's go be confident and uniquely us dear friends!

~ Connie

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