Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Long Winter ...

This has been a rough season for me.  Two long months of physical therapy, the post wedding and post holidays let down, family relationship stresses, concerns over an ill parent, winter cold, snow and ice ... it has all just really piled up and sent me down a lonely dark path. The worry and the depression have ground me down too often.  There are too many days where I focus too much on the things I haven't done right or well.  There are still times where I struggle to adjust to our empty nest.  As much as I love to see my adult kids grow and flourish in their own independent lives ... I sometimes really miss those days of messy kisses and toddler storybooks!  Moving far from my best girlfriend in Illinois when we relocated back to Iowa 2 plus years ago and the moving away of a new dear friend here (when her aging parents required help) are also tough turns of life to navigate.

Such is Life.  Nothing is ever storybook perfect.  Nothing is ever as it appears on social media.  The sun will rise tomorrow and offer us all the possibility of a fresh new day.  Savor the small blessings and pray through the tough stuff.  And forgive yourself and others often.  No one is perfect.  I have to remind myself of these things often as I look into the next new day.

Here are some words I read that seem timely as we begin the season of LENT.

"The Lord does not ask for perfection, but for a heart that longs to grow closer to His.  There is no wrong way to offer our prayers or our days.  The Lord delights in our efforts.  What parent scoffs at their child's repeated falls while learning to ride a bike?  They encourage and assist, knowing this task takes time and practice." 

Peace and Prayers

~ Connie